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Media Release Abbeyfield Mortlake WVLX

Today’s first ever sale at Mortlake’s new livestock exchange centre got off to a memorable start for the Abbeyfield House Mortlake community.

The aged care provider will receive a $6000 donation after it was chosen as one of four not-for-profit charities to receive the proceeds from the first four animals auctioned.

Chairman Mick Murphy OAM was on hand for the historic sale at the Western Victoria Livestock Exchange (WVLX) and said the whole day was an outstanding success.

“The cattle for the charity auction were donated and we were one of the lucky four charities chosen to receive the funds from the sale of one of them,” he said.

“We had done a bit of work beforehand to put together a syndicate called ‘Mortlake Supports WVLX’ and we bid for our steer right up to $6000.

“What’s even better is WVLX directors are making a donation to us on top of the sale price and they’re going to let us leave him on their property to fatten up before we take him back to market later in the year and sell him for more profit – so it’s a sizeable windfall for us.”

Mr Murphy thanked the community members who joined him in the syndicate including; Jack Mahony, Tim Clingan, Ian Dohle, Barry Christian, Andrew Whitson, Rob and Leanne Mifsud, Edward Conheady, Morris Clarke, Rohan Hinkley and Colin Macleod.

“This facility is a great thing for the Mortlake and district community and Abbeyfield House Mortlake is honoured to have been selected as a beneficiary of the charity sale,” he said.

“The fact that this saleyards was built here crystalises the competitive advantages of our region and builds on its 150 year reputation as a premium livestock area.

“This facility gives Mortlake the cornerstone for a building block of industries associated with the cattle industry and further strengthens our community and economy.”

Mr Murphy said Meat and Livestock Australia had indicated that regional facilities returned 30 to 60 cents a kilogram more to farmers than local selling centres.

“When you calculated out the stock that WVLX is expected to move, that’s about $50 million more going back to farmers in the district and therefore into our economy,” he said.

Abbeyfield House Mortlake chief executive officer Deb Rantall echoed Mr Murphy’s sentiments and said the donation would be put to good use.

“We have an extensive asset management plan that supports the high-level care that we deliver here in Mortlake,” she said.

“There is infrastructure we need to keep up to date, such as special beds for wound management, the big armchairs that our residents can get into and out of more easily and even a proposed new mini bus we’re about to launch fundraising for,” she said.

“Our staff and residents are delighted we were involved in today’s landmark sale at the Western Victoria Livestock Exchange.

“On behalf of the whole Abbeyfield House Mortlake family, I’d like to thank those members of the community who came together to form the syndicate and maximise this opportunity for our organisation.”

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