Lovely family feedback


I read this letter with so much pride in the great team I lead, with sadness at the having to say goodbye to our residents at some time, with gratitude to the wonderful families that appreciate the little things that are done every day in aged care, and finally with a sense of thankfulness that I am given the opportunity to work in an industry where I often think I have seen it all but am humbled by the kindness and love I witness every day. Well done Team Abbeyfield Mortlake – Deb Rantall, CEO.

Dear Deb,

On behalf of my father Pat and my family I would like to express our thanks and gratitude for the wonderful care you provided to my mum, Dawn Glennen. You provided us with a bed at Abbeyfield when we needed it most, from the first conversation and meetings with yourself we felt “right at home” and knew that mum was in the best place possible.

The staff at Abbeyfield have all been amazing over the three month period that mum was in your care. The care that she and us received in her final days was truly unbelievable. The way you provided us with another room for dad to rest in was truly brilliant and very much appreciated. The way that the whole family was welcome (and at times we had four generations of family in the room with mum) was amazing.

The personal touch of staff coming into mum’s room to say good bye at the end of their shift and to wish us well was heartwarming and so kind. The personal touch of staff always knocking on the door before entering made it feel like a home.

We would like to mention the lovely care that Martin provided; he was always so gentle, kind and spoke so lovely to both mum and dad. Lyn, who took care of the laundry needs would pop in to say hello on the mornings of mum’s final days and would ask me was there anything that we need or that she could do for us, thank you Lyn.

The kitchen staff that provided food for dad and us, what a kind gesture that was. A huge thank you to the following Abbeyfield staff, Wendy, Amanda, Glenda, Sue, Shane and Ruth. Thanks to Phil from Resi in Reach for working with the staff to work towards the best outcome for mum and ensure that her pathway of care was comfortable.

The wonderful work done by Debi was truly amazing, she was brilliant with mum and in the final days made sure that we were cared for and that Dad was managing as best as he could. Debi always asked how dad was coping and saw mum and dad as a couple that both had changes and adjustments to make.

Special mention to Barbara and Wendy who came in on the weekend to ensure that the pump and pain relief was managed to keep mum comfortable. When mum passes way, Barbara came in and she was so reverent, kind and compassionate at a difficult time for us. A big thank you to Amanda, who phoned us a few weeks ago to see how we were going, that was such a lovely thing to do and was greatly appreciated by the whole family.

We have some thank you gifts for Abbeyfield, the mugs are to go to the MEWS area, so when family members come in to have a cup of tea with loved ones they can use these. The rose bush is to be planted in the garden, as mum loved her garden and loved roses. The chocolates are for staff to enjoy.

Thanks to everyone that works at Abbeyfield, you all do an amazing job and we are so lucky to have such a great facility in our area.

Meredith Glennen


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