Four down, two to go – but wait there’s more

With four of the planned six independent living units now completed at Abbeyfield Timboon, the focus is now on funding the common area and alfresco decking space.

Abbeyfield Timboon Committee chairman Peter Pope and Abbeyfield House Mortlake chief executive officer Deb Rantall were onsite this week to pick up the keys to Unit 4.

They urged anyone interested in occupying Unit 4, or the remaining two unbuilt units, to get in touch as soon as possible to maintain the project’s momentum.

“We are in a position now, thanks to the revenue from the first three units, to push ahead with Units 5 and 6 as soon as we’ve got some residents in the wings,” Mr Pope said.

“Some talks are underway for occupancy for Unit 4. Ideally, we need it occupied and interest in Unit 5 before we go to tender for its construction. I’m certainly hopeful all that will happen within a month or two.”

Mrs Rantall said she continued to be amazed by the Timboon community and its determination to realise its vision for aged care in the local community.

“What’s happening here in Timboon is something the community should be very proud of. As the site owners and operators, my team at Abbeyfield House Mortlake are in awe of the work the community has done to make this happen,” she said.

“Our organisation is working very hard to maintain and protect not-for-profit aged care for our local communities and this is a wonderful success story for everyone involved.”

Abbeyfield Timboon 19
Abbeyfield Timboon 18
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Mr Pope said the two-bedroom units were modern, spacious and as the number of occupancies rose there was a growing sense of community within the Abbeyfield Timboon neighbourhood.

“I think that comradery among the residents is just fantastic and what we want to do now is find some capital to work on the common areas where everyone can socialise and entertain more easily,” he said.

“The project will be to demolish part of the original Timboon House and refurbish the remaining part into a common area, with an outdoor decking space.

“We can proceed with Unit 5 when we’ve got a strong indication of tenancy, but the common area works will need to happened before Unit 6 because it will be built on the area where the demolition occurs.”

Mr Pope said that while construction of the remaining units was now self-funding, the committee was working to identify funding sources to facilitate the common area.

Any enquiries regarding occupancy of the units at Abbeyfield Timboon can be directed to Mrs Rantall on 5599 2901 or Mr Pope on 0408 524 199.

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