Flu prevention at Abbeyfield House

flu shot

Abbeyfield would like to thank all staff members and residents who have participated in this year’s Flu Vaccinations.

To date, 97% of residents and 85.9% of staff have received vaccinations with this figure likely to increase as further staff receive their vaccinations.

This is a terrific result and significantly higher than last year’s figures.  We take our responsibility in caring for our residents very seriously and recognise the high risk that influenza poses to vulnerable people.

Well done team, we are very proud of you.

Influenza is an important issue in residential care. Residents, particularly the elderly, are often vulnerable to influenza due to co-morbidities and/or advanced age, and the environment of communal living facilitates the spread of respiratory agents.

Family members of residents and other visitors can potentially transmit influenza to residents. Visitors to Abbeyfield Mortlake might like to consider annual influenza vaccination for their own and residents’ protection.

Read more advice from Victoria’s Deputy Chief Health Officer (Communicable Disease) Dr Brett Sutton about your role in protecting relatives from community viruses and the steps you can take.

Letter from Dr Brett Sutton Deputy Chief Health Officer (Communicable Disease) 



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