Everyone’s Welcome Café opened

Abbeyfield House Mortlake Everyone's Welcome Cafe

Catching up for a coffee and a chat is a social opportunity many of us take for granted and now residents at Abbeyfield House Mortlake can enjoy a café experience as well.

Abbeyfield House Mortlake last week opened its Everyone’s Welcome Café inside the residential aged care facility.

Chief executive officer Deb Rantall said the project had been made possible by a grant from Acciona which had funded a self-serve coffee machine.

“The project is all about inclusion and it is already proving to be a wonderful way for our residents to come together informally to socialise,” she said.

“Coming to a café is a really normal way for people to interact and feel a part of their community.”

Mrs Rantall said the Everyone’s Welcome Café was officially opened on Friday as part of an afternoon tea for residents, the board, management and staff. The occasion also celebrated Abbeyfield House Mortlake’s full accreditation for another three years.

“Life in residential aged care can take some time to adjust to and sometimes it doesn’t feel like home for a while. But, things like our café can help with that because residents can come for a coffee, meet other people, get talking and feel more comfortable,” she said.

“Facility cafes are also a great way for service providers to make their services more accessible, as well as informally gathering feedback on how they are performing.

“At the same, the café gives the local community the chance to check-in with their loved ones – it’s great for everyone.”

Mrs Rantall said the café was there for everyone to enjoy and she also envisaged it playing a role in helping families introduce loved ones to the idea of residential care.

“Apart from being a great way to link people, the café can also provide a refuge for carers who can sometimes feel anxious about accessing services for a person with dementia in case their behaviour is difficult to manage,” she said.

“We’re really excited to be open for business and would once again like to thank Acciona for providing the funding that has enabled us to purchase our great new coffee machine.”

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