Aged care partnership halted

Abbeyfield Mortlake Front Facade

An interim partnership between Abbeyfield House Mortlake and Sunnyside House in Camperdown has been halted.

Sunnyside House chair Jill Anderson and Abbeyfield House Mortlake chair Michael Murphy OAM today announced that the joint venture would not proceed.

The two organisations have worked closely together since signing a Memorandum of Understanding in February.
Both chairs said much had been gained in the past eight months, but the boards agreed there was no clear way forward for the joint venture to proceed at this time.

“We will continue to keep our options open and look to explore different arrangements in the future,” Mrs Anderson said.

Mr Murphy expressed his appreciation for the work done by both boards.
“I’d like to thank Jill in particular for working together over the past eight months,” he said.

Deb Rantall, who filled the CEO role at both organisations, has returned to her full-time position with Abbeyfield House Mortlake.

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